Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Designers Guild bed definitely Marie Antoinette style!

This bed by Designers Guild is one of my favourites ~ it has a very Marie Antoinette style feel to it with the padded and buttoned head and end. Also, the gorgeous plush bedlinen and fat pillows.
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Unknown said...

Hey just wanted to say that this site is beautiful! Love the combination of interior design and Marie Antoinette!

Unknown said...

What do you think Marie Antoinette's favourite colour was? I see a lot of baby blue associated with her but it's hard to believe she wouldn't have been a 'pink' girl, What are your thoughts?

the 81st Duke of Windsor said...


It's the Duke here!

Love your work M.A!!!

The Duke

Yoli said...

What a beautiful blog!

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Thank-you Rachael ~ I'm so glad you like the site and the combination of interiors and Marie Antoinette. In regards to Marie Antoinette's favourite colour I also associate the gorgeous baby blues and pastel hues of that era with her and according to Adrien Goetz's book "Marie- Antoinette Style" she had her "...powder pink boudoirs...." so I do think she favoured pink particularly the delicate powder pink.
Thank-you to the Duke and Yoli ~ I appreciate your comments and am glad you are enjoying the site! There will be more to come!

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