Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dancing Queen and Delphiniums!

I am so excited with the onset of spring and in fact it nearly feels like summer here .... the delphiniums I bought recently were just gorgeous!

we have been so busy with the dance festival for Georgiana and having both the boys home ... it has been wonderful!

One of her dances was a Russian national dance and it was fantastic .... the whole group looked amazing!

Then this afternoon I was shopping and found this absolutely divine bottle of Pink lemon flavoured vodka!  Now I don't drink vodka except if it is in a French Martini but I just couldn't resist the bottle as it is so pretty!  Crazy I know but when I next have guests that like vodka then I will have it ready.  It has been a crazy but wonderful week and I  can't believe that Christmas decorations are all now out in the stores!
Have a great week!

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Beautiful House said...

What a gorgeous girl, I just bought some delphiniums today to plant, your arrangement is stunning.x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I am so late in getting my day started in Blogland, but look what you have going on today! LOVELY!!! Pink Lemon Vodka? WOW! I don't drink it either, but it is gorgeous.

Now for these little queens....what beautiful young ladies here my sweet friend, and your spring is HERE! And we here are enjoying the colors of a perfect fall. It is all so romantic!

Thank you for coming to comment on my post. I am struggling with this whole transition from full time work to trying to expose my art to interested people....I wonder if I made a huge mistake!!! But I will continue and make the necessary adjustments so I can continue to do it as a hobby, but go back to teach to make a living!!!

It is all a learning process, isn't it?


Bluebells and Lavender said...

I love the delphiniums! To think that you are going into summer and we've just hit autumn...once Halloween is over the stores will start decorating for Christmas! CRAZY - where has this year gone??? Have a lovely weekend. Sharon x

*Chic Provence* said...

Dear Franny how wonderful your week is! Georgianna looks so pretty done up in her Russian look for the recital.. the pink vodka, I too would have brought that home! and your sons home, have a glorious time and enjoy the flowers!



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