Sunday, January 13, 2013

New York Part One!

Happy New Year everyone and I am so sorry that I have been away for a long while ..... it was like I needed time with my family and to regroup and refresh over the Christmas break after such a busy year ... we went to New York in early December for one week as Andrew had a conference to attend (yes he did attend everyday!) but he wanted the whole family to go as we had not seen each other in such a long time ... so "Party of Five" set off to New York with much excitement!  We all went and it was so special! This is Georgiana in front of the Rockefeller tree...

New York is so incredibly beautiful at this time of year and we were lucky enough to see all of the holiday spirit and grandeur!  Times Square was incredible and we went to see "Annie" on Broadway which was brilliant .... Australia's own Anthony Warlow was debuting as Mr Warbucks.  We were so proud!

My beautiful children ... a little cold but having fun!  Best of all were the hotdogs on the streets!  The boys lived on them!  

This display of giant Christmas decorations just overwhelmed me .... it looked amazing with the water spilling over ....

Georgie and I in front of the Christmas tree at our first hotel in the Marriott Times Square .... the revolving restaurant was so fun ....

Whilst staying at the Marriott we met, purely by chance, the lovely Laura who is the creator of "My Family" series that we see on the back of everyone's car .... she was so gorgeous and wanted to draw Georgiana as she thought she was cute and of course, heard our Aussie accents! She was on a trip to New York with her friends and was such a delightful person.

A trip to New York is not complete without a visit to the iconic "Plaza Hotel" and to meet Eloise!  We were lucky to have four nights there and it was exquisite!  Everything was so perfect that I had to keep pinching myself to realize that we were there and soaking up the atmosphere and the lovely hospitality!

The interiors were stunning!!!!!!!  Parquet flooring, panelled walls and oversized bedhead ....

Quick sneak peek at the Chanel window at Bloomingdale's .... drooling!!!!!

Another sneek peek at a Bloomies window .... I couldn't believe it!

This is what was awaiting us in our hotel room at The Plaza!  Alex and Georgie ate them all.....

This is the powder room .... so beautiful and the calaclutta marble mosaics add such elegant detail .... more to come .....
I hope your Christmas and New Year were special too and I wish everyone a very special 2013!  The page is not written until we write it!!!!!
love M.A. the 2nd

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Flora Fascinata said...

How truly, truly lovely! Lovely to hear from you! Love the decor shots, your style for certain. Happy 2013, sweet MA! X

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU HERE MY FRIEND! I had noticed that for so long, you had not blogged, but family and life comes first!!! It would be VERY EASY to let the blog go for a week, two, then three then to forget, but for me, I have no children and writing and creativity is what I really want to do so I keep up. But to find a sweet surprise like YOUR VISIT is part of the magic that makes me keep going.

Oh my goodness, your photos of family are just precious. To be there with the entire family, your SONS and little daughter has to be one of the best memories you will have. And in NYC? Next to Paris, this place for me is the cosmopolitan heaven on earth.

The window displays you share made me want to cry. If you have a chance and were not able to see it, go to my previous post where I share my largest and grandest creation to date. It is a paper wedding dress that I created for a shop window here in our city. It is now in the window and is STUNNING. My hopes were to seek out clients in large department stores or even like a TIFFANYS, but the realities of the corporate world deflated in ONE DAY, my hopes of taking my art to this level. You have to be part of the industry to even get in as an artist, and I am still a teacher (thank God!) with no experience in the retail/design business and I am not even sure I have the energy or drive to take the schooling for that.

But art is art and maybe someone will see my paper dress and wonder who is behind all THOSE RUFFLES....please take a look if you can.

Sending you many hugs and thanks for many memories of pleasure as we correspond in Blogland; and may 2013 bring you more opportunities with your CHILDREN and travel! LOVE TO YOU! Anita

Karena said...

Frances it was so wonderful to hear from you! Your holiday trip to NYC looks magnificent and I am so glad you went as a family!

Have I told you that you look much younger than your profile pic!


2013 Artists Series

The enchanted home said...

What a beautiful trip you had, and your family is beautiful as well! Glad you had fun.....looks like you did all the fun things that there was to do. Happy 2013!

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