Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pink Interiors!

These interiors are just beautiful .... I always feel pink is a happy colour and very soothing!  Interior above from the brilliant James Aman ....

I am not sure where this interior is from but it is just gorgeous with the pink drapes and gold hardware ....

of course this by the talented Ashley Whittaker as featured in House Beautiful ... tufted white sofa opposite the pale pink with black trim Louis chairs .... perfect!

Beautiful children's retreat .... would love to know the source!

the trim on this settee is stunning .....

and who could resist The Ritz Paris for a fabulous interior ....


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designchic said...

I love a touch of pink in interiors. These interiors are amazing, but the second image with the gorgeous draperies is stunning! Happy Tuesday!

ali imran said...
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