Friday, April 29, 2011

Beautiful Bathrooms!

Just some gorgeous bathrooms from Architectural Digest for a Friday .... this one by Christopher Noto ... love the drapes ...

This is by Thomas Pheasant ... absolutely adore the oval vaulted ceiling, mosaic marble tiles and flowing free form ....

This stunning bathroom is by Marjorie Shushan and it is breathtaking .... look at the detailed mosaic floor, marble bath and the French doors with its own balcony ....  perfect!  I wonder if Kate's bathroom is like this at the Goring Hotel as she readies for her big day.  Bring on the royal horse-drawn carriage and fairytale wedding! 
Have a wonderful Friday!
best wishes
M.A. the 2nd!

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Porchlight Interiors said...

How decadent...perfect for a long soak! Have a lovely weekend! Tracey xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOOD MORNING DEAREST! Only you, only YOU know how to showcase MARIE ANTOINETTE style!!!! ARE YOU WATCHING THE WEDDING TODAY? I will be missing the live broadcast due to being in my classroom, but I will catch up with all the juicy images later! ENJOY YOUR DAY, Anita

Greet Lefèvre said...

Dear Frances,
Oh my! That first picture is gorgeous!!Beautiful post!!
Thank you so much for your comment today!!
Well, my riding lessons are wonderful!! I love it! But at my age it isn't not that evident to start learning you know! There is always a little bit of fear! We think to much what we are doing! But I do make progress!
Wish you a wonderful weekend Frances!

Marie Söderberg said...

jesuschrist...sorry for that, but these pictures make me religious..absolutely wonderful..thanks for sharing..Im fine..thanks for asking ;)..I have a great interview next week with Swedens most famous Houte Couture designer..Lars Im making a *question list*...will be great..:) Have a lovely weekend/Marie

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning my queen! Yes dearest, that wedding was so emotional. I did not think I would have a chance to see it, but luckily before I had to run off to work, I was able to catch EVERYTHING!!! I wept as I saw those two young men without their beloved mum.....but Kate is now his soulmate and what a beauty she is. So petite, graceful, and a smile to light up the world. WE CAN DO IT TOO..on a much smaller scale, but by no means any LESS is the only reason for it well, rejoice. Anita

Alexandra Rae said...

That Thomas Pheasant bathroom is divine! I love every detail. Thank you so much for posting. It's going right in my inspiration files--like so many of your other gorgeous post! Hope your well, too. I just saw that you have another blog, Coastal. I had no idea. I'm heading right over there. xo

Richard Cottrell said...

I agree, the bath room is beautiful,wonderful and cost about 100 thousand dollars. Maybe William and kate could have it, not in my dreams. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic House

Unknown said...

Beautiful, I love bathroom # 2!!! But way out of reach.... haha! I do not share mine for a reason.... but I share my new walkway! Come and see! I am so happy with it!

Unknown said...

I could slide in to the first one immediately its perfect for me fay xx

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