Monday, May 16, 2011

Love the Dress, Love the Shoes, Love everything Darling!

This image I found on gorgeous Anita's blog "Castles, Crowns and Cottages" and it is our very own Nicole Kidman looking stunning in that gorgeous dress ensconced on my favourite Louis settee with a basket of my favourite bubbles "Belle Epoque" nestled beside her!  It looks amazing!  I have been so busy with work and Georgiana is doing her eisteddfod and school exams so very hectic!  I thought this image was perfect!
 photo signature-29_zps152a2019.png


The enchanted home said...

Dreamy and perfect...two words that come to mind!

Unknown said...

Tres jolie Miss Antoinette
merci beaucoup

Fay xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

THAT IS NICOLE????? I WOULD HAVE NEVER KNOWN THAT! She is one of the most beautiful women ever!!!!!! Oh, isn't that a fab photo dearest? Come on by when you have a chance; I think you may be interested in what I have posted about. GOOD DAY PRECIOUS! Anita

'LUSH' said...

I love EVERYTHING about this image!

Marie Söderberg said...

o yes..lovely picture !!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER!!!! Oh dearest, YOU are the PERFECT candidate for my PARIS PARTY!!! WHO OTHER THAN M.A. herself to post of PARIS: SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE!!!

This is how it will work dearest:

I grab your link and put your blog name and link on my party list.

On May 28th, have a POST READY on YOUR BLOG. My readers will visit my list and click on all the participants and will visit you via my blog. All participants will have their own post on their blogs. SO, just have your post ready on Saturday May 28 and LET' S GO TO PARIS!!!!!

Much love, Anita

OH! THANK YOU FOR THE MENTION on this post; I got a visit from Maria with Classic Style; she is going to participate too!!!

Karena said...

Oh I adore that dress, Nichole I did not recognized her at all!

Art by Karena

Come and enter my New Giveaway from Serena & Lily! You will love it!

red ticking said...

wow... wow... wow... completely gorgeous...
wishing you A WONDERFUL week sweet friend... xoxo

Rattus Scribus said...

Ah, the end of the academic year: so crazy and yet so full of hope -- hope that it ends one way or the other. (Can you tell that Anita and I are both teachers?).

Wish you the best.
Rattus is back. This time, the rumors are true.

Karina Gentinetta said...

I want/need that dress!

Laura said...

I had no idea it was nicole kidman either!! she looks gorgeous as always, I am a huge fan of her. (aside from the Australia movie, i didnt think it was her best performance!) I was very impressed with how she dealt with her divorce in the public eye. She stayed classy the whole way through. I like that!!! Thankyou for your very lovely comments the other day too. They really mean a lot to me and I am so appreciative, you are such a wonderful lady!!! thankyou!
Laura xx

Vær våken said...

That dress must be gorgeous!!! Your doing a toast to me :) :)!!! How exciting! Be sure to make a reservation for a table on the 2nd floor! 5 weeks and Paris - lucky you!!!

xx's Kristin

Carole Poirot said...

That's such a gorgeous picture and I didn't recognise her at all. Wishing you a great week, Love from London xo

Ann said...

Oh wow... I didn't recognize that it is Nicole right away. The image is too fabulous... I adore the settee ♥

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