Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Happy 101 Award"

I am so lucky as I have received another very special Happy 101 Award from the gorgeous "French Mademoiselle". She is so talented and has two blogs and I follow both. Her Paris Pastry blog is amazing and one day I think we should all do a "Julie and Julia" as Paris Pastry has. She is one talented lady!

It is such an honour to be included and I truly appreciate it. I have my 10 things that make me happy and I will list below but I also, once again, just wanted to say that despite all the terrible things that happen in the world that good people with values are out there. People, humanity that care what happens to someone else and who will lend a hand. It is very easy to think that sometimes we are outnumbered but not anymore...... lets stand up and say that the world is no longer vast .... this concept of fellowship brings us all together be it through art, interiors, architecture, cuisine.... we are all one with it and also one with each other.

Have a great week-end... it is ANZAC day here in Australia where we commemorate the sacrifices our ancestors gave to give this country freedom. ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps and they fought in World War One in Gallipoli , Turkey. Many were only 16 or 17 and they were sent to fight as young boys and died in terrible battles where they had no chance of survival. The families of these brave soldiers would send packages over to them and one of the most famous biscuits in Australia is called the "ANZAC" biscuit which was sent over to them to remind them of home. Also, the young medical staff of doctors and nurses shipped over to deal with the horrific injuries that happened at the warfront are also heroes in our eyes. If you ever get a chance to see the movie "Gallipoli" starring our own Mel Gibson... it is a brilliant account of what happened.

Aussie pride.... there aren't many of us in comparison to the rest of the world but you do hear us roar!
Love you all!
Here are my 10 things ~
1. My beautiful family ~ My husband Andrew my best friend and a beautiful man, my children Alexander 22, Dominic, 17 and Georgiana 7 who constantly fill my life with love. I would do anything for them.
2. My friends who are so special.
3. My extended family who are so amazing and such an integral part of my life, especially my mum.
4. Interior Design, Decoration, Art and History.... the beauty of life and the understanding of what has gone before that we strive for.
5. Travel... discovering new frontiers and not being afraid to do so.
6. Books ... the smell of books especially really new and really old books is intoxicating.
7. The Ocean... walking on the beach and feeling at peace with the elements.
8. Buckets and buckets full of roses.... heaven!
9. The perfect cupcake!
10. Music... especially classical like Boccherini, Mozart and Vivaldi but also Cat Stevens, Phil Collins, Annie Lennox, Gangajang, Elton John ..... and so many more especially from my favourite movie "Marie Antoinette" !

Now here is 10 blogs which I love and it is so difficult but I do believe you all deserve it ~

There are so many more beautiful blogs and I wish I could name them all but these 10 I love and am inspired by.....Enjoy!
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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OMG. I see my blog on your list and you are so kind! YOUR BLOG IS THE DIVINE ONE! Oh Marie, how I love your world....isn't everything that you mentioned, love of family, husband, dear friends and the ocean, and all the other things, isn't that what makes us so happy? Thank you for coming to visit with me, and I JUST THINK THE THOUGHT OF TEA AT VERSAILLES WOULD BE JUST FASCINATING! Do you like the movie, Marie Antoinette by Sophia Coppola? I have seen it at least 4 times and the eye candy is enough for me to have it as my favorite. We must think about having a Versailles tea party this summer! Have everyone join in and jump from blog to blog to get a bite of something new and scrumptous chez Marie!

Let me know your thoughts....and have a splendid weekend. Anita

Hamptontoes said...

Congratulations darling!

Little Emma English Home said...

Congrats on the award, it's so well deserved!!! Your blog is great!!

Have a nice Sunday,

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Anita ... I adore the movie "Marie Antoinette". I have not only seen it countless times I own many copies!! Yes we should definitely have a VErsailles tea party that everyone participates in! Love it and can't wait to see your 10 favourite things!

Deana Sidney said...

What a lovely blog... so glad to have found it since I love playing in 18th c recipe books and collect 18th c furniture and glassware etc.
I look forward to scrolling back to see what you have done!

Unknown said...

Oh, congratulations on the award! You definitely deserve it! And thank you for including me, I'm honored! Hmmm, ANZAC, I have never even HEARD of that, which is so, so wrong. That's one thing I just love about blogging, is learning firsthand what is going on in other countries through my blog friends, like you. Really, thanks for sharing, I'm really glad to know these things!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the award, so well deserved. Your blog is gorgeous and your love for what you are doing shows everywhere!
Your list is wonderful, and again, so many'll see!!! Thank you for thinking of me, I feel so honored.

I am so glad we found each other...
Your style inspires me so!

Now I am off to read on the other blogs which got rewarded by you!


PS: Tomorrow I am posting about my latest design project, so I will answer to the award in a couple of days, yes?

Daisy Reyes said...

Your Majesty! Happy Anzac Day!! And Merci beau coup for the award! Congrats to you too for receiving this wonderful award:)) I absolutely love love love your blog! Your images and wisdom in the world of decor are amazing and I not only thank you for this fabulous award, I thank you for sharing all of this beauty with us! And I too want in on the tea party at Versailles!!! I have literally seen the Marie Antoinette movie by Sofia Coppola over 15 times and I never tire of watching it. I wish I could just go back in time and live at Versailles myself. So count me in for tea:))) See you and Anita there, and I will be sure to wear a breathtaking gown in pink with a fabulous hat with lots of pink plumes!! I think I will get Anya Caliendo at Couture Millinery Atelier to design it for me:))

Royal wishes,

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Congratulations on your award, well deserved indeed! Your blog makes me so happy to visit, and I am new here! So much fun to read your answers, it's great to get to know you more. Your family sounds lovely.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!! XOXO

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your award! Your blog is so creative and beautifully edited-an inspiring and glorious homage to the 18th century. When I visit I feel transported, and what a lovely trip! I can't thank you enough for bestowing the honor on me--and with such good company. I so enjoyed reading your top ten list-you are a girl after my own heart-books, travel, roses and cupcakes (and a 7 year old daughter too!) You certainly made a very rainy Sunday in NYC so fabulous! Hope you have a lovely end of the weekend, and we will talk this week. xx Barbara

Unknown said...

Congratulations to you lovely lady! :)

Alexandra Rae said...

Wow, Thank you so much for including me in your list! I am so honored. You know I absolutely love your blog. It's one of my top three favorites and has really been a huge inspiration to me. Stopping by is like entering another world of style and grace. Like you, it's pretty, pleasant, and full of joie de vivre, right down to the "snow." I just LOVE that! And you always impart that sort of old-fashioned graciousness and consideration, which I am so glad to know some people still possess. You are so right about there still being good people who care about one another and about the concept of fellowship bringing us all together. I have been very touched at all the kindness and encouragement from everyone out there. My new blog has reminded me just how small the world is and just how connected we all really are. I also love you top 10 list. I swear, with maybe one exception (cupcakes), it's the same as mine! Though I'll fill in my own family names. :)) Thank you so much again!

Carole Poirot said...

Congratulations on the well deserved award! A beautiful post too. Love from London x

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Thank-you so much everyone of you for all your beautiful comments! They are so special and very much appreciated. It is so lovely to be associated with you all and I can't wait for our Versailles tea party! Take care and lots of love!
M.A. the 2nd

red ticking said...

congratulations on your lovely award... you are so deserving of it...
i love getting to know more about you... faith, family, friends and buckets of roses... aaahhh.. xx

Barbara von Enger said...

This is such a lovely list. Thank you for allowing us to taste your world. And congratulations on your award. Here's wishing you a happy weekend! x

The Four Tides said...

Fantastic to meet you and your aspirational world. Have a fabulous Mother's Day. xo,

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Wow!! I'm loving these snowflakes on your blog!! So pretty all of this is!! And congrats on yor award! Plus, you definitely make me want to come to Aus for Anzac! :)

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