Saturday, April 17, 2010

"How to Make the Perfect Bed"

Well at least from the point of view of an ex-nurse and current interior designer! I am of the firm belief that a well made bed is one of the most important aspects of a bedroom interior. The entire interior pivots around the bed and if it is not made properly then the rest just doesn't work. I was a registered nurse for 6 years before deciding that I really loved design, history and art but my years nursing were something that I will always treasure. It taught me discipline, empathy and strength of character which I hope I still have and the ability to deal with situations which could sometimes be frightening and challenging. I loved that I could make a difference to an elderly person who couldn't do things for themselves.... and what they really wanted was to talk about "the old days" and "when they were young". Or the ability in a trauma situation to help someone survive from an accident by implementing the skills I was taught. I was 17 when I went nursing and some of the jobs required by a nurse including bed-making were skills that one can always use. I nursed in a hospital situation and studied for my registration on time off. My favourite areas were operating theatre (where I met my future husband!), childrens ward and emergency room.

So for me a bed has to be perfect!
1. I am a little (no a lot obsessive) about sheets being laundered and pressed and the sheeting should be even on both sides of the bed. The pressing gives you the middle line to guide you.
2. The fitted sheet on the bottom which goes over the matttress protector should be taut and tucked in evenly on all sides.
3. When securing the top sheet at the bottom of the bed I usually pull it about 60cm over the end and then fold under the mattress. It really depends on the size height of your mattress but you don't want it pulling out. Then the mitred corners or "hospital corners" are so important for a "finished" feel as it looks tailored and professional. The picture of me is trying to mitre the corner without laughing!
4. After doing the corners pull the quilt or duvet up and smooth the surface as you go. There must be no crinkles or bumps. Fold back at the top and then fold the top sheet with the decorative detail over the quilt/duvet.
5. Place the pillows as you would like them..... I change around all the time but I have put pillows on the horizontal first with Europes in front and then a little monogrammed breakfast pillow in front of that. I have then placed a decorative "crown" cushion in the middle.
See the next post for final pictures.

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Unknown said...

Anita, this is surely giving me the goosbumps!
I was a midwife for many years in Germany before changing my carriere towards interior design. Inbetween lay years of studying art and design in Cologne,Germany!
I remember my training and making the perfect bed with corners tucked in just so and being examend by the head nurse after our lessons...
We learned everything from scatch, cleaning, bedding, washing, caring, and then some and then the midwifery skills...Three years of tough education. But I am still grateful for my lasting knowledge!

Enjoy your weekend!


Deborah said...

Nothing makes me happier in the evening than to climb into a well made bed. Unfortunately my children did not inherit my love of a neatly made bed!! Thanks for the tips.

recklessbliss said...

I love a neatly made bed. New clean sheets are my favorite thing in a house. Love your blog, it's so pretty and fun. I would love it if you could pop by my blog and give me your thoughts. I love design as well so it would be great to be in touch with someone as talented as you. Thanks so much!

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