Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beautiful Interiors ~ Rachel Ashwell "Shabby Chic"

Rachel Ashwell's "Shabby Chic" in Santa Monica! This was absolute heaven and I fully immersed myself in the elegance of this store. The girls who work in the store were absolutely delightful and Paige wants to come and live in Australia! The gorgeous bedlinen couldn't be left and came home in my suitcase with much coaxing. The antique china is exquisite and I bought a stunning bowl with gold filigree work which will look gorgeous filled with either fresh strawberries or pink macarons! I have more pictures of the interior to follow. Thank-you Red Ticking for your suggestions ... they were superb and I love your country......

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OMG I WAS THERE THE LAST VISIT TO L.A.!!!! Oh dearest, how are you? I just got back last Monday and what a fabulous trip. Berkeley, San Fran., L.A., Orange was all magnificent! YOU LOOK GORGEOUS! Please come by for a quick peek at my photos.


Unknown said...

You do look gorgeous! I see how you so truly enjoy your time! Wonderful!
Kisses from New York!


Jenny said...

Glad you had a wonderful time and I look forward to some pictures of your linen and china! It has been rather cold here which I am sure you will notice.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest MA the second,

Thank you for coming by and showing great interest in my plans! Oh, you shall see my lovely marble fireplace and then dear and ever so generous husband took me out yesterday to the Farmer's Market, then after a great walk around the lakes and mansions, lunch THEN antiquing!!!! He bought me a white alabaster lamp with the coolest vintage lampshade, a shabby chic white vintage end table and a killer diller beautiful coffee table for the front room. Since we are adding two new rooms starting I hope, in the next several weeks, we are going to be doing some rearranging of furniture and such. I will be starting a photo journal of our progress and will also show the fireplace. We were also looking at settees!!!! There is a shop that has gorgeous repros in the style of yours in your header with beautiful gold gilt. However, we both saw an antique French daybed yesterday that we almost bought. What fun! I am dedicated to doing my studio in Marie Antoinette/white Shabby Chic and I do not want to steer away from my vision! Do help!!! I will keep an eye on your lovely blog to gleen ideas from, as always! Have a magnificent weekend....Anita

Tonya said...

Dear Franny......Welcome Back! We have missed you!

What a Delight & wonderful Coincidence this gorgeous post is! For I have been saving a quote, by the lovely Rachel Ashwell, to share with you on your return! ....... "Food to eat and a place called home are what comes to mind as necessities of life. But I do believe inspiration is high on the list of a food that we need to feed our souls and help find our passion. And for me, when I am not inspired, nothing else is quite right.".......

Isn't that exactly what we were talking about when we last got together! Rachel illustrates it perfectly with her words! Fresh air & Inspiration.....we need them both to breathe! See you soon, Tonya! X

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Thanks so much Tonya! What a beautiful sentiment and so true. We do so need inspiration to fill the soul! Without it we feel empty and lifeless because to create is to be alive. I can't wait to see you and Til and have a wonderful get together! Lots of love Franny

Greet Lefèvre said...

I am looking forward to the linen you bought! If you see the picture of the shop, I am sure it will be gorgeous linen!

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