Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Macarons" ~ NOT !!!!!

I just have to share this cooking disaster with you all! After our wonderful trip it is always hard to settle back into work/routines etc. and I thought yesterday I would attempt to make macarons. What an absolute disaster.... I nearly didn't post this but I thought no if they had have worked out I would have posted them proudly. However, the grim reality is they looked terrible and they tasted terrible. I was going to place them on my new "Crown" plate from Shabby Chic which I got back to Australia intact without a crack! (Very proud of that!) If anyone went anywhere near my overhead locker with the precious cargo I jumped to attention like a sentinel... that was if I wasn't looking after Georgiana who suffers terribly from air/motion sickness. So much so that on our way over to LA she started being sick 3 hours out and was still sick getting on the plane to San Francisco. Anyway, I digress........ the macarons..... I now know I will leave it to the French and all of you who are cleverer than I. The eggwhites whipped beautifully with soft peaks forming, the rose colouring took to perfection ..... but something went terribly wrong... the piping bag blew apart and I don't think I had the oven hot enough and perhaps I should have beat the almond in instead of folding it.... never mind I will stick to cupcakes. The top picture is obviously mine and the second picture is what they are supposed to look like! I know that the gorgeous "Paris Pastry" would do a brilliant job of the macarons and I so admire her and anyone else who can master these delectable, divine and delicious morsels! Bon Nuit!

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour ma belle...oh, these things happen and make us appreciate even more the nimble hands and professionals who make these little delights to perfection! I love your plate and I too would have protected that thing with my life! You and I were in the air at the same time and I was hovering over a bag filled with gifts that I made for friends!!!

Have a fabulous day and don't give should have seen the first time I tried making pâte feuillettée! Our wheat out here is much different from that of French wheat so my pâte was heavy and greasy!!!


Paris Pastry said...

Aww, don't be too dissappointed! They're extremely hard to make. Even pastry chefs have difficulties with macarons. My first try didn't go too well either. It takes a little practice, and maybe a different recipe. I made some rose macarons the other day. Here are my tips:

highheeledlife said...

Don't worry my friend you are not alone... mine , if I would even dare to attempt would most certainly look like your first try!! At least you tried and will be better informed for the next time. Don't give-up!

Gorgeous plate ... I would have been on guard to!! HHL

Jenny said...

Good on you for having the courage to show your minor disaster!!! I bet if you have another go, they will be wonderful!

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Thank-you for your lovely comments and support! Paris I will definitely try your recipe as I remember seeing you had done macarons and they looked fabulous.... so maybe I will give it another try with a different recipe!

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