Saturday, July 24, 2010

Heavenly White!

These gorgeous images are from Elle Decor and there is something just so ethereal about them. As you know I love white interiors and I love colour used with restraint as well. These interiors are very classic and timeless. The use of texture, hints of colour and different styles of furniture stop these from being cold. I really love the use of the tulip chairs in the bottom picture and the flash of red and turqoise is brilliant. In the second photo I think the old timber table used with Louis chairs adds warmth. All three interiors are so light and heavenly! Have a wonderful week-end. I had a very interesting last couple of days as my eldest son had come home to have his tonsils removed as he was suffering from chronic tonsilitis and unfortunately at 2.14am on Thursday morning he had a secondary bleed .. only small but significant following a tonsilectomy. So we dashed off to the hospital and he was admitted but luckily he did not require re-operation but it was a bit of drama for the very cold early hours of the morning. Poor Georgiana was upset and I had to wake Dominic to look after her whilst I drove Alexander to the hospital. (Andrew was away!) So, you might wonder what this has to do with these beautiful white interiors ...... nothing really except I saw these and they just looked so serene and peaceful and just what I needed so I hope you enjoy them too! Images by

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chateaudelille said...

Hi Frances, I love the pics,definitely peaceful and serene.I've finally published mine so I hope you like it.Fiona

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour ma belle Marie! Oh dearest, first of all, may your household be calm with peace after such an ordeal in the middle of the night with your sweet son! And your lovely, wonderful photos DO evoke a peace that we all seek, no matter when. I so agree with you about WHITE INTERIORS...a hint, a suggestion of color is all I have ever dared to use; to many colors make me fidgety. But white or even cream, with tasteful gold embellishments and a splash of pink or turquoise give such calm. Thank you for coming, as always, to my posts. My sister-in-law is a Marie A. lover as well, and if you do visit her blog, you must go back to her archives and see all the exquisite photos she has taken of vignettes in her own home. What a treat. And yes, my mantle! Oh I love it so....and the other day, we were at a consignment shop and my husband bought me my dream tables. One a low coffee table for my is French with the bowed legs and a wee bit of carving. The other side table, same style. Being old and in a walnut wood, I got brave and painted them white. Then I gently chipped off some paint and I now have the most beautiful Shabby Chic tables. I am so glad you agree with the simple linen drapes. What I have in there now is way too much; the drapes are light, but have a silky valance and take away from the beautiful leaded windows. I so can't wait for our renovation to start at the end of August! Once my husband gets his desk out of my studio, I am painting the walls pure white, and I think that if I can find the lightest white linen drapes, that is what I will do. The only cream colored wood in this room will be my harp, that is a blond wood color, but topped with a lovely GOLD crown. Ah....decorating is fun, non?

Merci for coming to visit....may you have a lovely weekend!


Tonya said...

Oh Franny, you steal my heart.......again!! One can never have enough White.....on white.....on white.....and Yes, with lovely pops of accent colour that change like the seasons. I also Loved the gorgeous photos of your much enjoyed Pool House. Reminded me of all the precious fun & friendly times we've shared there..........and keen, very keen, to get together again soon. Now....if these wonderfully busy children of ours would just give us a take some time out? Hahaha!!
Have a great week ahead, Tonya. x

Kellie Collis said...

Now that is heavenly!! xxx

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