Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sneak Peek at Website Photos!

Just a little sneak peek at some more of the website photos....We did a photo shoot last week of this Louis 16th chair covered in the gorgeous Carolyn Quartermaine script fabric. I had the idea of putting the chair on the dining room table sitting directly below the chandelier. I wanted to create a sense of height and eminence to both the chair and the chandelier as it is my stylized logo. We then played around with the orange Carolyn Quartermaine script fabric draping it across the chair in a whimsical, decadent way ... perhaps a little reminiscent of 18th century France and the court of Versailles. I had to have roses of course always standing to attention and looking gorgeous beside the elegant Louis chair...... other shots we took with a white background to create the illusion of the chair and light as a separate entity (Alex and I played stylists as he was still home recovering from his tonsillectomy).

Tomorrow night is showtime for the website and I am very excited as it has taken a long time and a great deal of tweaking .... I am sure the girls at FM Studios have had enough of me! Also, photographer John Casey has truly done an amazing job with his talent and skills! Thank-you!

The launch party isn't for a few more weeks as I want to have it in September which is spring here..... I am thinking of a verandah gathering at dusk with fairy lights .... strips of fabric billowing from the chandeliers ..... flutes of champagne ... a big screen with the website playing interspersed with Marie Antoinette.... delicate canapes .... tables with white cloths and delicate blooms strewn across them .... baroque music playing ..... candles in candelabras throwing ethereal light ...... fabric delicately placed here and there and Louis chairs to rest on whilst chatting and enjoying what I hope will be a wonderful night! I wish you all could come ........ maybe one day .....

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

MA BELLE! You are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! You look like a movie fortunate I am to know you! I am very thrilled to know that you website launch is on its way...and your plans for the party sound just divine....I love the idea of the fairy lights on the veranda. You are going to HAVE TO PROVIDE many photos for us to see! are impressive. Your work is outstanding, and OH, that Louis chair covered in delicious Carolyn Quartermaine scripted fabric!!!!!


Jenny said...

Sounds very exciting! Looking forward to the launch of your website. Where is that gorgeous chandelier from? Best wishes to you!

BonjourRomance said...

The photos are gorgeous, your site will be a pleasure to visit I am sure. You look beautiful. Anxious to see it all! Wishing you every success!

Tonya said...

Oh Franny, You are Beautiful!!...........but I already knew that!! :)

I love and admire your Passion and your readiness to embrace change, continually fashioning original & innovative style & design.......each emerging more and more elegant and exquisite time after time.
Well done again my lovely girl..........but I should save the 'Congratulations' for when the Cyber ribbon is cut! Oh....what the heck........... I'll say it out loud now.......and I'll sing it out louder then ....Congratulations dear Franny........You make us all very Proud!!!

Anonymous said...

Check it out everyone its online!

Let me just say - its amazing!

iheartart said...

Frances the photo's are divine! I actually manage a website & I understand the difficulties in getting things up & running, so much more to it than I anticipated but worth the work in the end.

I have put the header back up just for you.... it is a little out of whack but I decided that pretty well explains me so I have left it for now.

Have a fabulous opening night & I look forward to lots of photo's.


M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Thank-you all for such beautiful comments! I appreciate them very much!

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