Thursday, October 18, 2012

This is the first gardenia from my garden and it is so beautiful ....

My Vogue Living arrived today and the cover is absolutely delicious ...... I love the wall colour and the artwork!

I love the mercerised vase and silver pear together ..... just random but beautiful!

I found this waste paper bin for a client of mine at Magnolia ... it is for a home office renovation and it is fantastic .... love the chevron stripe!

spring has sprung here in Australia and actually I think summer has as well!  We are so looking forward to our summer break and the festivities of Christmas!  Have a great Thursday and a wonderful weekend!

best wishes always
M.A. the 2nd

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

I am so excited as my Imperial Trellis wallpaper in aqua has arrived!  I am actually using it also for a lovely client in  a home study and I have always wanted to use it in my studio .... it hasn't been hung yet just taped up .... I am too impatient to wait!

so I am going to use it on another wall in my office close to the Marie Antoinette framed poster ... I love the way it picks up the blue in the poster ....

this is the artwork I will use on the wallpaper ... they are antique lithographs and I am going to glass float frame them so that the wallpaper comes through ....

I always love seeing my pink chest in a picture as it is so vibrant and elegant ... I am in Brisbane at the moment and will have lots more to share ......
best wishes always
M.A. the 2nd

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dancing Queen and Delphiniums!

I am so excited with the onset of spring and in fact it nearly feels like summer here .... the delphiniums I bought recently were just gorgeous!

we have been so busy with the dance festival for Georgiana and having both the boys home ... it has been wonderful!

One of her dances was a Russian national dance and it was fantastic .... the whole group looked amazing!

Then this afternoon I was shopping and found this absolutely divine bottle of Pink lemon flavoured vodka!  Now I don't drink vodka except if it is in a French Martini but I just couldn't resist the bottle as it is so pretty!  Crazy I know but when I next have guests that like vodka then I will have it ready.  It has been a crazy but wonderful week and I  can't believe that Christmas decorations are all now out in the stores!
Have a great week!

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