Monday, June 28, 2010

Los Angeles ~ the City of Angels!

Hello we are in LA and have just been to Alexander's premiere! It was amazing to see him on screen and very emotional. This is his first American film and to see him on the red carpet at the LA film festival almost overwhelmed me! We are so proud of him as we are of all our gorgeous children. We are having a ball and love LA as it is very like Australia especially the weather. We have done Rodeo Drive and all the iconic is such an experience! Just stood outside mainly and took photos with the exception of Ralph Lauren (again!) and Tiffany (that blue box gets me every time!) I have photos to post later but just wanted to thank-you all for such beautiful and heartfelt comments..... I appreciate them very much!
Also, just wanted to know two things.... Alexandra from Pink Sketchbook I would love to meet you and catch up whilst we are in LA. We are here until Tuesday and it would be a pleasure to meet you. We were supposed to meet Lisa at Hamptontoes and sadly we couldn't because our trip to New York was cancelled. So if you read this give me a call at the Beverly Wilshire.
Also, am desperate to see some gorgeous LA interior design stores and am at a loss... any suggestions?
Best wishes
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas! I just had to write that! Well we have just had a whirlwind 4 days in Las Vegas and I have to say it was amazing. We went to the Cirque de Soleil "Tribute to Elvis" show and it was incredible.... such talent and athleticism and sheer beauty of artform and of course, Elvis' music. We saw the Fountains at Bellagio and I was very misty eyed! We watched at 9.00pm and the music was Sarah Brightman's "Time to Say Good-bye". We also did a helicopter ride out to the Grand Canyon and it was breathtaking. We are sad our second son Dominic is not with us as he is in Europe but Alexander and Georgiana are having a ball. Tomorrow night is the film premiere for Alex so we are very excited. Will post more pictures soon and have a beautiful afternoon!

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ralph Lauren in San Francisco!

We have had another fabulous day in San Fran ..... Georgiana and I outside Cartier and then onto Ralph Lauren! The staff at Ralph were so lovely and welcoming and I have left my business cards with the interior designer there. I had to take these gorgeous photos of the interiors for you all and me too!! We also did Macy's and walked up again the most incredibly steep hills I have ever seen with shopping bags. I tell you this city is amazing. We are going out to dinner tonight at a French/Asian fusion restaurant. Sophie had a ball and bought the most gorgeous Lilac Ralph Lauren pillowcases and sheets ... we were like little girls in a lolly shop. Georgiana did amazing back-flips on the bungy tramp at Pier 39 and hasn't stopped talking about it since... will post a photo! Enjoy!
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Friday, June 18, 2010

San Francisco!!!!!

"I left my heart in San Francisco!" What an incredibly beautiful city! We are having an amazing time in this stunning city....... had dinner last night in a gorgeous Italian restaurant called "E TUTTO QUA" on Columbus Avenue. Absolutely amazing and the best risotto I have had apart from my own! Lisa at Hamptontoes loves it and added prawns instead of chicken! No seriously, I make a very gluggy risotto not wet and this was perfect. Accompanied by a fabulous rocket, grape and parmesan and balsamic salad .... and all was good with the world! We walked from The Fairmont Hotel through China Town to get there and then had to walk back up those incredible hills!!!!! Walked off the panna cotta! We had the most gorgeous bottle of wine by Francis Ford Coppola .... a chardonnay with the perfect bouquet!
Today we went down to Fisherman's Wharf via the cable car and experienced great views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. Afterwards, we caught a cab to see the famous "Painted Ladies" and how beautiful they were basking in the late afternoon summer sun. I am a great fan of Victorian Gothic architecture and San Francisco has it in abundance. It is a combination of Italiante and Gothic Victorian detail. The delicate detail, the timber facades and bay windows with elegant tracery fretwork is inspiring and leaves me feeling awe inspired!
We are already making our mark ...... The Aussies are in town!!!!
Love this city!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Off to America ..... Stars and Stripes here I come!

We leave tomorrow for America and we are so excited! I have not posted for quite a while as there has been so much happening. We are in Sydney at the moment and went to Alex's film premiere on Sunday night for "Wasted on the Young". It was amazing and such a special moment for all our family. I am so sorry that I won't be able to visit Lisa of Hamptontoes in New York as Alex's American film is premiering at the Los Angeles film festival on 25 June. So we are heading to San Francisco, then Las Vegas for a conference and then back to LA! I will try and post some photos and will keep you up to date! Take care and have a wonderful week!
M.A. the 2nd!
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Guest Blog Appearance!!!!

How Healing!!

This evening was spent in the gorgeous surrounds.......wrapped in the welcoming warmth......embraced by the beautiful company....... at MA the 2nd's!!
What better way to celebrate our precious friendship......the unity of sisterhood..... the stength of motherhood....and all the other roles we welcome......wife, daughter, sister, than to get together, open a bottle of french bubbles and share something spectacular from our (overworked) ovens!!
And on this little our usual balmy & tropical climate is just beginning to enjoy it's first taste of winter......something warm and crusty and French!

And so to soak up the Bubbles we nibbled......tasted.....and then clean dived into this little taste sensation!

Let me introduce you to our...."Fromage Cob du Jour"

Once you have procured yourself a fresh, seasame seeded cob loaf...... cut away the top and tear the inside bread away into succulent, bite-size dippers.

Toss a cup of diced bacon and brown onion into a pan coated with Olive Oil over a moderate flame until the heady sizzling fills the house with the promise of comfort food.
Add to a 250g softened block of Creme Fraiche, a generous cup & a half of Mozzarella, a healthy cup of top-grade Tasty Cheese......and for that real French touch.......a cup and a half of fresh cream!

Toss the cheese menage a tois together with the bacon & onion symphony.....mix.....and spoon into the hollowed Cob!

Wrap loaf in foil and bake in a 180C oven for 45 minutes......remove foil and bake for another 10 minutes........toss bread dippers around baking tray and toast for a further 10 mins!
Place on a sturdy, white platter and stand back and admire!

Gather a gaggle of the most supportive a bottle of .... well we opted for 'Verve Clicquot' tonight .... and chat .... and sip .... and nibble .... and talk ..... and drink .... and dive in .... and clean out those cobwebs, Sister!!!

It's what life is all about!!

So honoured to share the Love here at Beautiful Interiors......
Thanks MA the 2nd........for another special night of Friendship,

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