Friday, February 22, 2013

Pretty in Pink!

This is where I would love to have lunch this week-end!  This is one of the restaurants at the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc on the French Riviera ... love the pink rimmed plate!

and I would so love to sit on this chair .....

and I am loving these Dash and Albert rugs in pink and white yacht stripe ....

and who wouldn't absolutely adore to stay here in the Prestige Suite at the Plaza Athenee in Paris ..... divine!

This is one of my favourite interiors.  I love the tub chairs in the pink ... perfect!

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend and maybe we could sit here for another fabulous lunch!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

New Photos!

Happy Friday everyone! TGIF! (Thank goodness it's Friday)
I just wanted to share with you some new photos I have had put on my website
I am so excited with them and I have also been working on other work to be photographed as well.  It is lovely to see them finally up on the website ......

When we did this shoot I just loved the beautiful feeling of this ..... I used an Australian native flower for the arrangement in the background and they look stunning and they lasted for ages!

I always like seeing a different perspective and I wanted to capture a birds eye view of the dining room which really shows the patina of the antique table ....

and of course my favourite beautiful Louis sofa from Karina Gentinetta .... crowned with the exquisite artwork of Laurence Amelie ...

a little settee for a little quiet time ....

I wish you all a beautiful week-end for some "You" time which we all need ..... take care always ....
M.A. the 2nd

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Sunday evening everyone!  I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and are fired up for a great week ahead!  Actually, that sounds good but I wouldn't mind another day home with the family!  We have just put Dominic on the plane back to Brisbane and we feel sad, however we know he is going back to a big year full of Shakespeare and Chekhov and wonderful times!  We have just had Dom's friends up from Brisbane who are in his course and it was an absolute pleasure to have them to stay!  This was the table I set for dinner on Friday night after they had been swimming, playing golf and enjoying their last few days of holidays.  Actually, none of them really have holidays as they work part time when they are not attending university, which demands about 50 hours a week ...... 

I love pineapples and this one was fresh and ready to use!!! Beautiful .... it is a smooth leaf pineapple and they are much easier to cut up than their rough leaf cousins!

I love setting up the champagne and wine in the Alfred Gratien ... it always looks so elegant!  

always silver cutlery ... and a Leeuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay ....

I did a version of the Swedish Hasselback potatoes by substituting the bay leaf for rosemary .... It worked really well with the sea salt and olive oil.....

 I also did a fried rice and a rocket salad .... I know I always do the ROCKET salad!  For my American friends it is ARUGULA!  Then I had these fantastic cuts of eye fillet which were medallions about 2 inches thick.  So Andrew cooked them perfectly on the bbq and we had a mustard and chive sauce to go with it!  Good for feeding hungry men!

At the end of the night I didn't take any pictures of anything else but never mind I think they all enjoyed it!!!!
best wishes always

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Antiques from New Orleans!

Hello everyone and hope you have had a lovely weekend!  We are just getting over the wild weather and floods here but there is still a great area which has been inundated!  The mighty Fitzroy River has peaked at 8.7m and is roaring down to the ocean at a ferocious pace.   It is quite amazing to see it's power. Mother Nature is something which inspires awe in me every day.  I wish all the best to everyone trying to battle against such force .... 
I also want to share with you the new antique pieces I have recently received from Karina Gentinetta in New Orleans.  These are very special pieces I have worked with Karina on for my clients and they are absolutely stunning.  Beautiful pieces that transcend time ...... this mirror above I have bought for myself and it is so beautiful and delicate.  The images that have been before it, the stories it could tell ... it has the original aged patina of 19th century France and I love every bit of it... 

Above are the gorgeous Italian murano crystal sconces from Karina .... just stunning!

A close up!

and now the "The Perfect Piece" ...... the Italian settee covered in Belgian linen and tufted with original cream and gilt paintwork ... Karina and I worked on this for my lovely client, Dee, who when she saw it was completely in awe and said to me "I never thought I would own something so beautiful!"  Dee you deserve it ..... Karina organized all of the reupholstering in New Orleans which we discussed at length .... we wanted traditional diamond tufting and pure Belgian linen!  It was so funny as I helped the delivery guy lift it off the truck and he was quite interested and I said that these pieces had come all the way from New Orleans!  He was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to hold up my end of the sofa but I proved him wrong.... as all you girls out there know "where there is a will there is a way"!  We know how to lift and move furniture as if it is nothing more than fairy dust!   

Another one of the settee .... it was sitting on my verandah for about 5 hours and I said to Dee I think I want this ..... it is so beautiful!  We moved it over to Dee's house, which is just a stone's throw from me, and we went to work!  Look how gorgeous it looks with Dee's artwork in the background.  Dee is an art gallery curator and an artist as well.  We still have rugs and other pieces to procure but as with all design it is ongoing project that evolves with time ...... 

This chair is part of a set that we bought from Miguelle Meirelle in Melbourne and upholstered it in Carolyn Quartermaine Script fabric.... the delicacy of the                            little chair with the elegance of the gold script is a perfect union!
Have a wonderful night and bon nuit

Remember go visit Karina at

she will not disappoint!

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