Thursday, October 24, 2013

Random Post!

Loving these gorgeous seashell adirondacks ... just ordered some for a client and our poolside .... 

so proud of our boy, Alex, at the world premiere of "Carrie" in Los Angeles .. he plays Billy Nolan the role John Travolta played in the 1976 version.

Alex is now in Melbourne filming "Cut Snake" and is taking me to the Melbourne Cup in the Emirates Tent!!!!!  So excited!  He then goes to Sydney to film his supporting role in "Unbroken" with Angelina Jolie ... well done Alex!  He plays the older brother to the main character.... 

just a beautiful setting ....

and here is me riding off into the distance on this gorgeous white horse!!!! 

Told you it was random!
xxxM.A. the 2nd

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