Friday, July 30, 2010

"Louis Love"

Whilst looking for a "coral" inspired fabric I stumbled across this gorgeous Louis chair upholstered in one of Waverly's new collections. The top picture is a Waverly coral print which I love and the Louis chair is as always fabulous. "Old World Charm" is the name of this collection. The chair here is a Louis the 16th style due to the straight reeded legs which follow the Roman columns from the classical Roman period. Neo-classical style became popular towards the end of the 18th century. Louis the 15th style was evident in the early part of the 18th century from the 1730's ...... more to come! Have a beautiful Friday! image

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Website Unveilling"

Just a quick post before I head out to lunch. Andrew is in a golf competition and there is a beautiful luncheon in a white marquee overylooking the 18th hole! So I just wanted to let you know that this is the first preview of my new website. It has been under construction for some time and I am finally reaching the unveilling very soon ........ I have even managed to have the chandelier "tinkling" as it slowly unfolds down the screen (with the help of some very clever graphic designers at FM Studio!) So hopefully, this week I will be able to show you more images and tell you about the plans I have for the "launch" party.......... Have a lovely afternoon everyone!
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Heavenly White!

These gorgeous images are from Elle Decor and there is something just so ethereal about them. As you know I love white interiors and I love colour used with restraint as well. These interiors are very classic and timeless. The use of texture, hints of colour and different styles of furniture stop these from being cold. I really love the use of the tulip chairs in the bottom picture and the flash of red and turqoise is brilliant. In the second photo I think the old timber table used with Louis chairs adds warmth. All three interiors are so light and heavenly! Have a wonderful week-end. I had a very interesting last couple of days as my eldest son had come home to have his tonsils removed as he was suffering from chronic tonsilitis and unfortunately at 2.14am on Thursday morning he had a secondary bleed .. only small but significant following a tonsilectomy. So we dashed off to the hospital and he was admitted but luckily he did not require re-operation but it was a bit of drama for the very cold early hours of the morning. Poor Georgiana was upset and I had to wake Dominic to look after her whilst I drove Alexander to the hospital. (Andrew was away!) So, you might wonder what this has to do with these beautiful white interiors ...... nothing really except I saw these and they just looked so serene and peaceful and just what I needed so I hope you enjoy them too! Images by

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

18th Century Silhouettes!

This fabulous range of children's wallpaper by the very talented Catherine Martin is absolutely gorgeous, elegant and whimsical! This collection is a reflection of Victorian circus illustrations and 18th century silhouettes and is called "Circus Silhouettes". Catherine Martin has done these beautiful wallpapers for Porter's Paints. When I was at Designex in Sydney I found the Porter's Paints stand and couldn't believe they did wallpaper as well .... hence I was very excited and snapped up the sample book immediately. Catherine has also done the "Alphabet City" wallpaper which I have showcased on my blog. This image is courtesy of
I hope you enjoy ....
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Pool House Kitchen ~ Cooloola

I thought you might like this kitchen which is in our pool-house. I went with the black granite which is gorgeous .... inspiration from "Something's Gotta Give". As we all know we are obsessed with that movie, well I certainly am, and the kitchen was very inspirational for me in doing our pool-house kitchen. The pure white cabinetry with inky black granite benchtops and a colonial feel with cedar timber shutters and overhead fans plus triple posting and collars on the verandah added to the colonial feel. Once again, I did a porcelain sink and beautiful tapware ... I believe in longevity and the classics and it will stand the test of time....... Come on over!

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Beautiful Blooms!

I thought some beautiful blooms were appropriate for a Monday morning ..... I missed posting them on Friday so here they are to cheer your day!
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Monday, July 12, 2010

My Kitchen

Just a quick post ... I still have to post my soup almondine recipe which I will do asap. This is my kitchen which I did in a classic style .... painted antique white cabinetry but with a contemporary twist of anodized brushed stainless steel handles. I like a sleek looking kitchen with no fuss and lots of bench space. I went with Ilve and Miele appliances and the Ilve oven is fantastic. I have two sinks ... one is the big double bowl French farmhouse in the island bench which I love as you can work/cook etc. and still chat to people. I find everyone always converges on the kitchen no matter what the occasion and I like to be able to talk and cook at the same time. The other sink is an underslung porcelain which I use as a flower sink and when we have big gatherings an extra sink for washing glassware. We have dicroic downlighting which I like as it is great for cooking and prepping as it gives plenty of light, however, I am currently awaiting the arrival of my chandelier which will go above the island bench as I feel a little bit of drama in the kitchen never hurts! My benchtops are antique white granite 40mm. All tapware is Perrin and Rowe. I hope you enjoy and if you are ever in the neighbourhood pop in for a cup of tea or a nice glass of chardonnay!
ps My pantry is around the corner and the linen cupboard backs onto the kitchen and is a walk-through! We have a very old 1890'` sliding waiter door which retained and it leads to the dining room! Enjoy!

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Client's Work/layout board ~ Colonial Style

I have just finished the initial design layout and proposal for the colonial house I am working on ...... we have gone with a very colonial feel with use of rattan furniture, date palm artwork and lamps with pineapple bases. Plenty of sisal rugs and lots of white linen with pink and green accents. We are going with some silver/grey colour palettes teamed with carrara or calcutta marble in the kitchen and main bathroom. All cabinetry will be floating as in "on legs" not going to the floor which also lends itself to a colonial feel. The house dates back to circa approx. 1890's/1900 so has the most amazing decorative architectural details and pressed metal ceilings.
We are looking at doing a poolhouse and my clients want it to be a self-contained guest house as well overlooking the pool. My clients love the Caribbean and especially the India Hicks look of "Island Life" and our climate here lends itself beautifully to this style ... think iced tea on the verandah!
Images: India Hicks "Island Life", Ralph Lauren "Rattan Chair" and marble kitchen unknown, Layour Board "Frances Russell Interiors".
I will do a post soon on close-up pieces and fabrics .... have a lovely day!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Cute Cupcakes and a Gorgeous Plate!

Just a quick Friday night post.... I made these cupcakes after the macaron disaster and they worked out well. Just a few quick pictures as they were devoured quite quickly. Alexander is home to have his tonsils out and Dominic is back from Europe .... also Mum and Dad haven't been well so have tried to take soup and cakes to cheer them up! Soup Almondine is what I have done this week so will post a recipe ....... the beautiful bowl with gold filigree is from Rachel Ashwell's store in Santa Monica ... another one I protected on the flight home! So beautiful with the fresh strawberries .... have a beautiful week-end everyone and take care....

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Macarons" ~ NOT !!!!!

I just have to share this cooking disaster with you all! After our wonderful trip it is always hard to settle back into work/routines etc. and I thought yesterday I would attempt to make macarons. What an absolute disaster.... I nearly didn't post this but I thought no if they had have worked out I would have posted them proudly. However, the grim reality is they looked terrible and they tasted terrible. I was going to place them on my new "Crown" plate from Shabby Chic which I got back to Australia intact without a crack! (Very proud of that!) If anyone went anywhere near my overhead locker with the precious cargo I jumped to attention like a sentinel... that was if I wasn't looking after Georgiana who suffers terribly from air/motion sickness. So much so that on our way over to LA she started being sick 3 hours out and was still sick getting on the plane to San Francisco. Anyway, I digress........ the macarons..... I now know I will leave it to the French and all of you who are cleverer than I. The eggwhites whipped beautifully with soft peaks forming, the rose colouring took to perfection ..... but something went terribly wrong... the piping bag blew apart and I don't think I had the oven hot enough and perhaps I should have beat the almond in instead of folding it.... never mind I will stick to cupcakes. The top picture is obviously mine and the second picture is what they are supposed to look like! I know that the gorgeous "Paris Pastry" would do a brilliant job of the macarons and I so admire her and anyone else who can master these delectable, divine and delicious morsels! Bon Nuit!

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Pretty Woman Hotel!

The Beverly Wilshire has long been known as "The Pretty Woman" hotel. We were lucky enough to stay here and it really was spectacular. We had drinks and canapes a couple of times in the Boulevard Bar which faces Rodeo Drive and the atmosphere and interiors are gorgeous. On our first night we met Alexander 's agents and they were telling us how the facade of the building and entry was used in Pretty Woman but they believe the penthouse which she stayed in with Edward was actually a set and shot off-site. Whichever way though it felt like a "Pretty Woman" hotel to me...... as I walked up Rodeo Drive I could here the music humming in my mind! As an '80's/90' girl that was an iconic movie for me and I thought how beautiful that we still believe dreams can come true!
Plus a simply gorgeous photo of Sophie and Georgiana at dinner! More to come........hugs M.A. the 2nd

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Pool Time at the Beverly Wilshire!

Just some gorgeous photos of Alexander and Georgiana poolside at the Beverly Wilshire.... what an amazing pool! I felt like I was in the middle of France at some chateau. The lavender and pots of flowers were incredible and the mosaics and fountain... stunning! Georgiana had a princess make-over complete with tiara and painted pink glitter toenails and a cupcake to decorate! More photos to follow of that. Everyone was so beautiful and friendly ..... what a wonderful day!

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beautiful Interiors ~ Rachel Ashwell "Shabby Chic"

Rachel Ashwell's "Shabby Chic" in Santa Monica! This was absolute heaven and I fully immersed myself in the elegance of this store. The girls who work in the store were absolutely delightful and Paige wants to come and live in Australia! The gorgeous bedlinen couldn't be left and came home in my suitcase with much coaxing. The antique china is exquisite and I bought a stunning bowl with gold filigree work which will look gorgeous filled with either fresh strawberries or pink macarons! I have more pictures of the interior to follow. Thank-you Red Ticking for your suggestions ... they were superb and I love your country......

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