Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I have decided that I will save my "N" "C" and "E" posts for next years party at Anita's!  I have been so busy so it will have to wait till next year! These gorgeous confections are divine and so beautiful ... the attention to
detail is exquisite!

I think these divine pieces come from a Laduree Sweet Table blog .. I am still trying to track it down because I love these images!

a little snippet of Suzanne Kasler's work .... love the abstract!

this chair has such elegant lines ...

the interior of the stunning Louis 15th Alain Ducasse restaurant at the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo ....

we could eat some gorgeous confections here 

I love this dressing table ... another of Suzanne Kasler ... the mirrors , the chandelier, the champagne drapes .... gorgeous!  I am off to see a lovely client so will be back later!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Simply Irresistible ~ "A" ~ Arc de Triomphe!

"A" ~ ARC de TRIOMPHE ~ I am so late with this post for the party but as I always say "better late than never"!  Today we are strolling along the fabulous Champs-Elysees so come with me as there is so much to see.  The Arc de Triomphe dates back to 1806 and is neoclassicism at its finest.  The architect was Jean Chalgrin and it was built in honour of those who fought for France especially during the Napoleonic Wars. It truly is breathtaking to see it in all its grandeur! 

but I also have a little surprise for you..... you know how exhausting it is walking the Champs-Elysees... as fun and wonderful as it is .... you sometimes need a respite!

so as a treat I have booked us into the Hotel George V on Avenue George V.  It is just a stroll off the Champs-Elysees and is just heaven!  Our France party must have a stay at a luxury hotel on the agenda so I have booked for everyone!  Isn't the ceiling in the foyer gorgeous and there are little sweet treats for you when you arrive in your room...

these stunning arrangements fill the centre of the foyer so as we walk in we feel like we have entered a sanctuary!

after you have all freshened up I have ordered drinks to be served here in the courtyard under the most divine purple and white stripe tent I have ever seen!  It is a Manuel Canovas fabric and is just perfect teamed with the black!

chandelier of course and Alex is pouring the drinks ....

Andrew and I are waiting for you and it is just so beautiful ..... dinner will be perfect!

 cheers and bon appetit from my boys!

now get a good night sleep as tomorrow is going to be HUGE but I won't tell because I don't want to spoil the surprise! 

bon nuit

and a little present from me from the florist across the street ~ "au nom de la rose"
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for more wonderful French posts!

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Simply Irresistible "R" ~ Royalty!

One of the most controversial queens in history Marie Antoinette. Of Austrian birth she left her homeland to become the child bride ....

In 1770 she married Louis Auguste who would become Louis the 16th and she the Queen of France ....

this time was the last of the royal reign of kings in France for revolution was brewing 

Marie Antoinette's Coat of Arms!

Versailles which started out as a hunting lodge under Louis 13th became the central seat of power in France.  Louis the 14th known as the Sun King created a palace of extraordinary proportions. We must meet here for drinks before dinner ... the sunsets are spectacular!

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

France ~ Simply Irresistible ~ Join the Party!

FRANCE ..... Firstly, I want to thank the gorgeous Anita for hosting this fantastic party!  France ~ Simply Irresistible!  Secondly, I want to apologize for my late arrival!  I have had huge problems with blogger so have been held up so I am arriving fashionably late! So pass me a glass of champagne and get this party started!!!!!!
For my week of France I am taking each letter each day and creating my idea of my French Paradise!
So today is "F" for Fashion!!!! 

For me France is the capital of the fashion world and is absolutely the grand dame of everything that is beautiful, creative, elegant and whimsical!!!!

I have a love of everything Chanel!  I can't help myself starting right from the one and only Coco Chanel .... her amazing life and how she came to be the head of such an extraordinary dynasty .... her story is so inspirational ..... and her legacy enduring!

The pink quilted chanel bag .... iconic ...

The Marie Antoinette inspired collection that was filmed at Versailles .... gorgeous,  frothy confections the colours of mint green, duck egg blue and shell pink .... heaven!

Karl Lagerfeld's genius is extraordinary ..... French Fashion is Exquisite!

so come for a walk with me through my France this week ...

we will have a wonderful time and don't forget to put on your best coat and maybe bring some bathers as we will be heading south to the riviera of course .....

This bag is a must to bring but could I borrow it perhaps!

so close your eyes .....

and we will escape to ....


this is just the beginning and I have so much more to show you so we can dream together and live the magic of France!
images ~ pinterest, chanel, dior, perrier jouet

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

France ~ Simply Irresistible!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Great Gatsby ~ Glittering

Fabulous Friday everyone and what better way to start the week-end than with a bit of Great Gatsby Glamour!!  Glittering, exciting, entrancing and heady!  I am so excited for the film directed by our very own Baz Lurhman and his talented wife Catherine Martin in charge of costume design. 

Starring Carey Mulligan as Daisy .... it is going to be sumptuous!

Let us raise our glasses to the "Age of Elegance"  ... the heralding of a new era in both fashion and interior design .... welcome in the New Age .... 

The Roaring Twenties heralded a new post war optimism filled with glamour .....

The Art Deco style was born ... The jewellery from the movie was a collaboration with the iconic Tiffany.... look at these breathtaking designs called the Daisy Hand Ornament!

Gatsby Fever is everywhere ... on the catwalk at Ralph Lauren ...

Simply Stunning!

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Monday, May 6, 2013

A Royal Nursery!

With the imminent arrival of a royal baby designers are looking toward what Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge will choose for their precious arrival!
The famed London interior designer Guy Goodfellow created what may be a perfect nest for the royal baby!

I love the use of the wall art depicting Victorian horse and carriages promenading along an English facade of elegant townhouses.  The gorgeous little teepee is a quirky twist but the rocking horse cements the traditional Victorian nursery feel  .... this is a very traditional English nursery with all of the classical elements of arches, stepped cornice and  formal drapes with pelmets.

I think the cabinetry is stunning with the neoclassical columns giving a very Georgian elegance .... a sophisticated nursery indeed! 

I also did a little bit of hunting for other gorgeous elegant nurseries and I must say I love these from the blog

I have decided I am going to pull out Georgiana's nursery photos as I really loved her nursery and I love designing and decorating them as well .... we are so busy at the moment with G doing all her eisteddfod pieces for speech and drama and dancing ......

I always feel very much at peace in a nursery and I think that is what we should feel as we cherish the new little life that has come into the world!  We were in Brisbane this weekend seeing Dominic in his first drama school performance .... Chekhov "The Three Sisters".  It was fantastic and we were so proud of Dominic.  Andrew has gone to a surgical conference in New Zealand but all the boys, including Alex, will be home this Friday for Mother's Day and Georgie and I can't wait!  Have a wonderful week!

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