Thursday, November 24, 2016

Well I'm back ..... after a long time!

and hopefully to stay!  These are some images from my updated website that I have been working on for some time... they are of our home "Cooloola" which means "resting place".

Beautiful artwork in our bedroom by a renowned and incredibly talented Australian artist "Craig Waddell".

Beautiful image by photographer, "Elouise Van Riet Gray".  Her photography is stunning.

Our lounge room ....

I found this beautiful antique mirror from the wonderful "Karina Gentinetta" in New Orleans.  Karina is a painter, designer and antiques dealer and has a showroom at the New York Centre and is on 1st Dibs..... Perfect with the crystal chandelier reflected in the worn patina of the mirror glass.  I think my head accidentally got in the photo as well!
I hope you enjoy them and if you would like to see more images they are on my website.
Have a wonderful day and make it beautiful!

M.A. the 2nd

All Images ~
Artwork ~
Antique Mirror ~ Karina Gentinetta at 1st Dibs

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Cakes and Crown biscuits!

Finally after a very, very long time ..... a post at last! Cakes and Christmas ..... very belated but better late than never....
I made this cake last week ... orange butter cake and so delicious!

I had these fabulous cakes made for Christmas, done by the very talented Nicky Svensen Cake Design ....

I found the design on pinterest and Nicky added her own touches ...

our Christmas mantel ....

We did make biscuits in crown shapes as well ....

and we also thought how perfect it would be to have peace for Christmas!  Hope the year has started well and here is to many more posts more frequently!
best wishes

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