Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This divine confection is from Miette in San Francisco! I am drooling!........ Marie Antoinette needs this! This gorgeous image is from my lovely friend http://wwwcastlescrownscottages.blogspot.com/ via http://www.miette.com/ I have had such a busy week with boring and awful tax, accounting, number crunching, sick children and just work full-on and not really feeling like I accomplished anything. This image makes me feel happy and I found it on Anita's blog ... so thank-you! Also, we are going to be in San Francisco in the next couple of weeks so I think I might pop in for some macarons!

 photo signature-29_zps152a2019.png


Little Emma English Home said...

It's sooo lovely. Perfect for you!!! I can understand why you like and I like it too!

Have a nice day xx

Paris Pastry said...

Gorgeous! Love the colors! I want that cake stand.

♥ Daniëlle

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OHHHHH!! MERCI! C'est beau, non? Oh dearest, I will be in S.F. as well; I am leaving on JUNE 19....we just might run into each other at Miette!!! I will be the Audrey Hepburn WANNABE with the short black hair, black slacks and white shirt with pearls!! HEhehehehehe! Oh dearest, thank you for finding your inspiration on my blog! You have the most lovely place here, and keep dreamin' darlin'! Enjoy the day, Anita

Unknown said...

Divine confection indeed..that is the perfect description! Enjoy your trip, sounds great!

Barbara von Enger said...

Hope the children are feeling better now, sweetie! Have a good journey, dear;-)
The picture above is so beautiful, too.

Unknown said...

Oh, wonderful! Hope you have a fabulous trip!

Unknown said...

I know how you feel and I know too you did very well under the circumstances!!!
Mothers just do it...
Anita send you the perfect pick me up image!
Pehaps you should treat yourself to something devine?
Or queenly at least?
Happy weekend,darling!


Mélanie A. said...

It is so lovely. I love the colors

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