Friday, July 9, 2010

Cute Cupcakes and a Gorgeous Plate!

Just a quick Friday night post.... I made these cupcakes after the macaron disaster and they worked out well. Just a few quick pictures as they were devoured quite quickly. Alexander is home to have his tonsils out and Dominic is back from Europe .... also Mum and Dad haven't been well so have tried to take soup and cakes to cheer them up! Soup Almondine is what I have done this week so will post a recipe ....... the beautiful bowl with gold filigree is from Rachel Ashwell's store in Santa Monica ... another one I protected on the flight home! So beautiful with the fresh strawberries .... have a beautiful week-end everyone and take care....

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highheeledlife said...

I'll take 2 please, and a strawberry ... my mouth is watering just looking at those pictures. The serving stand and plate are magnificent!

Hmmm...Soup Almondine - can't wait to see the receipe... I hope your parents are feeling better. have a great week-end..HHL

Unknown said...

And i lovce whats on that gorgeous plate!!! Just right for a hot sumer afternoon!
I am over my ears in suitcases to get ready for next weeks long journey to Europe!

Come and visit! I take you along!

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