Monday, August 23, 2010

Blue Moon, Pink Wedgwood, Lavender Toile and "Lime Wood"!

A bit of lavender toile from Manuel Canovas, pink Wedgwood and a beautiful rose called Blue Moon to kick off the day! I picked this rose from my garden yesterday afternoon and it was the only one! It looked stunning and I just had to pick it and pop it in my pink Wedgwood vase on the mantle in our bedroom. I have also ordered this Manuel Canovas toile for some work and I was so excited to see in the latest edition of Vogue Living Australia this fabulous interior of an English country manor hotel called "Lime Wood". Everything is just divine and was done by the fabulous David Collins. Vogue Living tells us the interiors are "discreetly glamorous" and the hues used are "Dior Grey" and my favourite colour at the moment Lavender. David Collins has pulled together an incredibly elegant and fresh look in the Drawing Room with its Louis sofa and lavender walls. If you can get yourself a copy buy two as it really is a great edition. Have a wonderful Monday everyone!
Images top: my camera via Vogue Living Australia magazine other images M.A. the 2nd!

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Jenny said...

Love your pretty pink wedgewood Frances. I will take a look at vogue living! Have a lovely week. ;-)

Tonya said...

OH FRANNY..........(Capitals meaning I'm SCREAMING with excitement) .........Lavender/Lilac has always been my colour and its such a delight that you are loving it too......and that you are using it in such gorgeous design work. Looking at this toile SCREAMS that it might be just the right time to ask you to design something beautiful for me again!! We MUST get together soon.

So sorry I've been absent from 'dropping in' of late....... lots happening away from home not leaving much time for the lovely things of life. But, it is time I caught up..........and with a Birthday this week I am determined we must pay homage to and worship at the altar of Lavender very soon!!

Keep up the beauty keeps me going!
Love Tonya X

chateaudelille said...

Love the wedgewood and rose. So perfect together!Fiona

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest....I have NEVER seen pink wedgewood! And I love the concept of the Dior gray....I am finding out so much more about the décor I love through experts like you and other bloggers. It is so much fun finding what you love and playing with it. I never new that gray could be a color that I could live with. I will forever be faithful to pink, but for the time being, aqua has captured my heart and I find that the two colors with my white are perfect! Lavender accents my two bathrooms that have a Provençal flair with the limestone shower. And sage green, another favorite, still takes center stage in my living room. But our new room? WHITE with WHITEWASHED wood work and overhead exposed beams. Chocolate brown furniture and white and pine furniture with linen accents is on the list. What fun it is to make a nest, n'est-ce pas?

Enjoy your week beautiful! Anita


i love canovas--his prints are just perfect!

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Thank-you for such lovely comments girls! I love the fact that people can get excited and passionate about fabrics, colour, antiques, history ... it is so exciting connecting with like-minded souls! Lavender is definitely IN at the moment and Tonya I would love to help you out with some new work!
hugs Frances

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