Sunday, August 7, 2011

King George Palace ~ Athens

This is the beautiful King George Palace Hotel in Athens .... this restaurant has views overlooking the Acropolis and is absolutely stunning ..... love the white long cloths and the taupe Louis 15th style chairs which are always so elegant. 

I love the tufted white leather armchairs which flow beautifully down to the marble floors ...

Gorgeous bedrooms overlooking Constitution Square .... we actually stayed here on our last night in Greece and it was actually only about 5 days after the riots which was a little concerning was very sad to see the damage done but also to see the plight of such a beautiful country. 

Parliament House ..... overlooks Constitution Square ....

The ancient acropolis ... to see this is awe-inspiring...

The main restaurant with parquet flooring .....

The ultimate luxurious booth seating....

I forgot to take a picture of the bed before we slept in it but actually I think it looks quite beautiful slightly dishevelled with the pink satin underside of the quilt showing through.
It was quite sobering to be in Athens at such a difficult time for such a beautiful country ...... the people of Greece were amazing and I hope the political and economic atmosphere can recover to return it to her former glory!

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My goodness....Greece is another dream destination for, this is just magnificent dearest!!!! ENJOY THE MEMORIES! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dear, dear Frances,

It is so nice to see your lovely face appear on my comments page. THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISIT and to have like-minded friends and family really makes community even sweeter. When one listens and tries to build up rather than destroy, things really develop into a beautiful work of art.

ARE YOU ENJOYING YOUR SEASON? Oh how your travels must have been thrilling!!! ENJOY! Anita

Melissah said...

Frances, you do find some great places to wine, dine and sleep in!
There's an award for you on Scrapbook. The details are on the post. This blogging thing gets under my skin & I could do it 24/7. I am hoping I will get bored of it soon - so I can give the kids & husband a bit more of the attention they deserve! To make things worse I set up a new blog last week which was fun.
Melissah (Scrapbook)

The enchanted home said...

Frances.....looks like a wonderful time, so exciting to see that powerful picture of the Acropolis knowing of its illustrious history. So sad whats happening in Greece right now but glad you got an opportunity to see and find the beauty in this great country which I hope will rebound and come back stronger than ever, our entire world is living in very perilous times unfortunately.
Welcome home!!

*Chic Provence* said...

Dear Franny, how wonderful to see your travels through your eyes.. you see the things I love to notice too, the pink wicker, the silk lining on the bedding, the tufted white leather... not to take away from the acropolis, of course :)

Thanks so much for your comment and visit, too! and for posting your message on your blog here about being unable to comment... blogger is acting up lately.... but it was so nice of you to do that!

The wedding was simple and in the garden... very modern/mid century and came and went so quickly I haven't had time to do much reflection on the whole thing yet... all is very busy here.

Your trip sounds amazing and I loved seeing you waiting for your "call" at Versailles... you are the PERFECT Marie Antionette!!

So lovely, all of it.... take care and enjoy being home again..



Melissah said...

Hi Frances, Yes I will very much look forward to catching up with you in Melbourne. You are very welcome to stay with us in Anglesea if you are at all interested in seeing The Great Ocean Road otherwise I'm very happy to catch up in Melbourne and take you to my favourite design shops. Closer to the time just let me know what you'd like to do. I am sure you'd be interested in seeing Gaudions, Perfect Pieces, Town & Country just to name a few shops! Ps I'm very envious of the warmer winters you have.I am definitely retiring to Port Douglas - can't stand the cold!

Vær våken said...

Hi! I'm so glad you've been there so you can show this to me. It looks stunning! I also hope Greece will be okay :) Have a great day!

Love, Kristin

designchic said...

What a beautiful country, and the hotel is stunning. I'm dreaming of those luxurious beds, and dining at one of the intimate tables for two!! Glad you had a wonderful trip and happy Friday!!

Greet Lefèvre said...

This hotel seems to be gorgeous! Beautiful furniture! The chairs on the restaurant tables are from the Belgian company I work with them often.
The chair has the reference : L15T19. In case you are interested, email them to ask for a closest dealer near you!

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