Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Beautiful Interiors ~ Ana Antunes"

I just wanted to showcase today this most talented interior designer from Portugal ~ Ana Antunes!
I think I must have been under a rock as I have only just discovered her work after my friend Tonya told me! 

Ana's work is exquisite ... I love the freshness and with us just starting spring in Australia it is a perfect tonic!

Her use of Louis style furniture upholstered in gorgeous Designer's Guild fabrics, mirrored furniture, stunning chandeliers and fresh flowers is so beautiful!

I particularly like the use of floating glass frames on the delicious duck-egg aqua blue walls and the fabric on the Louis chair is a cut velvet from Designer's Guild.  Ana has used different patterns and textures on her upholstery and it works so well.

This is so perfect .... the lilac fabric on the daybed and the herringbone aqua rug ... I love the restrained use of pattern ... it is there but done so delicately ..

This selection of silverware and mercerised glass atop the mirrored cabinet is gorgeous .... and that blue .... perfect! 

Congratulations Ana your work is exquisite and is such an inspiration!  Thank-you!

Now I think I might just find a quiet corner and sit on this gorgeous antique daybed ...... and dream .... have a lovely week-end!
best wishes always M.A. the 2nd
all images and interiors by Ana Antunes of Home-Styling
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Bluebells and Lavender said...

I love the pale blue and the exquisite layout of the above images, very pretty. Have a lovely week. Sharon :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

MY GOODNESS you have touched upon my "inner" interior designer! THOSE AQUA/ROBIN'S EGG BLUE walls and décor is perfect. Just PERFECT! I too have never heard of this woman! The use of the silver and mirrored furniture is brilliant! My sweet Frances, it is always so stunning to see that you have posted because your new posts always come right after I have been thinking of you!

I hope all is well and that your spring is as delightful as ours was! We are now moving into the colder months, but with joy and great expectation of wonder!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh those floating frames are just fantastic...and this blue is my all-time favorite for any room!

Chère Frances, how good it is to see you! Thank you for coming during what I assume is a busy time of the year for you! I am now home, I am no longer teaching full time but expect to be called in for substitute teaching in the very near future (October). I am staying at home creating, but as much as I love to make art, I am not sure if selling my little things is going to go anywhere. In being totally honest with myself, I have to admit that writing is where my real passion is, but I do think that the artist process that I DO ENJOY of crafting pieces is helpful in shaping my writing. SO I am needless to say, in TRANSITION. Your kind comment about my message means a lot to me, given that my heart is in communicating through the written word.

Now I just have to see where I FIT!!!!

Besides all of that, I am ever so grateful for LIFE, LOVE and dear friends. HAVE A SPLENDID DAY!!!! Anita

Arbrasgallery said...

Wow! very beautiful image. i love it.

Unknown said...

Very beautiful indeed!! Love the colors

Marie Söderberg said...

Perfection, love the colorpalett//Marie

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh your kindness is unbeatable my dear...thank you for coming to visit me and seeing your beautiful face and reading your lovely words is such a joy!!! Anita

Unknown said...

what a great house you have..very beautiful and awesome..the interior design really looks fantastic..i love the colors that you use..


Unknown said...

These interiors are exquisite! The designers of these homes are indeed creative that they get to turn a simple space into a palace-like setting. Girls of all ages will feel princess-y all the time if they get to live in a delicate house with a very pleasant interior design.

Katy Desroches

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