Sunday, April 21, 2013

Beautiful Houses and Best Friends!

Happy Sunday everyone .... I would love to show you this magnificent Victorian Pool House created by the talented firm of John Malick & Associates Architects, based in the San Francisco Bay Area .... breathtaking!

The firm is reknowned for their ability to create works of art that specialize in classical design .... they draw from numerous historical styles and this work is very reminicent of late Victorian architecture with its hint at the Gothic revival .... fretwork, towers, collars and so much more ....

Now if I owned this stunning poolhouse I would definitley be serving one of these little cocktails ..... yum ...

I so love this tower ... 

and then you may care for a little "rose petal and prosecco punch" perhaps ......

look at this incredible staircase  ... the ballustrading is very Victorian and the single skin walls showing studs and boards ... love the painted floor ..

just beautiful ... perfect symmetry with the fretwork and showing the pitched roof with exposed beams ....

This post is perfect for all our friends in the Northern Hemisphere who are just starting to enjoy their summer .... get ready to have fun and enjoy this wonderful season!

I am seeing croquet on the lawns later .... 

perhaps with a little "raspberry and basil mule" ... love playing croquet ... we used to play when we lived in England when Alex was a little boy and it was so much fun ... very competitive though!!

those who don't fancy an outdoor sport might be pursuaded to have a game of billiards ... ahhh yes!

internal staircase with a twist!

I have been so busy, like everyone, so yesterday (Saturday) I said to Andrew, who has been doing a lot of call lately, that we should go to the beach and take Georgiana and her friend, Isabella.  We went to the coast just overnight and had a beautiful dinner but before that we walked on the beach as the sun was setting and it was so beautiful and peaceful ... the sound of the waves was so relaxing... I took this picture above of Farnborough beach as I thought it was so pure looking ... no one else in sight ... we walked and walked and splashed and collected shells ...

how cute is this .... best friends ... our autumn is well under way but we are lucky to still have this day ....

so dance on the beach no matter what the season and be in awe of such beauty!!!!  

best wishes always

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


What could be more dreamy?

Oh Francis, thank you for this escape! We still have more snow coming in, but we will beat the end of the week!


Unknown said...

We are inching toward sunshine and warmth, so this is just the post for today. The calendar says Spring, but you wouldn't know it!

I would spend hours by that pool, with that delightful drink in hand.

Love that you had a beautiful day at the darling is your daughter and her friend!
xoxo Elizabeth

Laura said...

what a stunning home! and the tower is just amazing, i wish i had a tower!!! wow, the beach looked so peaceful! i love being at the beach when there is no one else around! Sadly autumn is on its way, but I suppose we can enjoy candles, throw rugs, cashmere and the warm glow of fireplaces!!
laura xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh those beach scenes...TAKE ME NOW. Oh Frances, THANK YOU for coming to my birthday post. It is actually today, and I am staying home after yet another huge snow storm has hit us! It is beautiful outside, but I do believe that this is the first time in 55 years (yep, that's me!) that I have seen snow this late in the season!

Many hugs dear one and OH! My husband bought me a GRAY VELVET COUCH for my special day! Anita

Unknown said...

Gorgeous home, love that yellow bannister, so fresh!

designchic said...

I would never be inside - the pool is just stunning and the covered area great for a light lunch or dinner and that perfect drink. Can't wait for the warmer days of Summer!!

Splenderosa said...

Goodness, I think I've met a kindred spirit! What a lovely, well-done blog you have here. I'm following back. Thanks for visiting me too.

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