Monday, May 6, 2013

A Royal Nursery!

With the imminent arrival of a royal baby designers are looking toward what Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge will choose for their precious arrival!
The famed London interior designer Guy Goodfellow created what may be a perfect nest for the royal baby!

I love the use of the wall art depicting Victorian horse and carriages promenading along an English facade of elegant townhouses.  The gorgeous little teepee is a quirky twist but the rocking horse cements the traditional Victorian nursery feel  .... this is a very traditional English nursery with all of the classical elements of arches, stepped cornice and  formal drapes with pelmets.

I think the cabinetry is stunning with the neoclassical columns giving a very Georgian elegance .... a sophisticated nursery indeed! 

I also did a little bit of hunting for other gorgeous elegant nurseries and I must say I love these from the blog

I have decided I am going to pull out Georgiana's nursery photos as I really loved her nursery and I love designing and decorating them as well .... we are so busy at the moment with G doing all her eisteddfod pieces for speech and drama and dancing ......

I always feel very much at peace in a nursery and I think that is what we should feel as we cherish the new little life that has come into the world!  We were in Brisbane this weekend seeing Dominic in his first drama school performance .... Chekhov "The Three Sisters".  It was fantastic and we were so proud of Dominic.  Andrew has gone to a surgical conference in New Zealand but all the boys, including Alex, will be home this Friday for Mother's Day and Georgie and I can't wait!  Have a wonderful week!

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designchic said...

A stunning nursery, certainly fit for a prince or princess. Adore the handpainted walls and the cabinetry...gorgeous!! As a lover of white and neutrals, I am obsessed with the last nursery!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Isn't this the dreamiest nursery? What a gorgeous blend of pinks and blues and hues of peace for the little tot....bonjour ma reign!!!! Anita

Marie Arden said...

Oooh that was fun! I think the Royal nursery is smashing! I am hoping for a girl!

Ann said...

Those nurseries are super fab,
the little ones will really feel like royalty in there.

annechovie said...

Wow, these nurseries are absolutely breathtaking!
Sorry I've been so MIA lately - been swamped with work, etc. Please come over and enter my give-away. xo

'LUSH' said...

The nurseries are beautiful! I look forward to the arrival of the newest royal. And, I do look forward to getting glimpses of the nursery!

So wonderful to hear about your sons! I know you are very proud.

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