Sunday, February 21, 2010

Roof Required?

I have been tossing up whether to put a roof on our back deck. Whilst we love having the openess of the deck at night and it is beautiful bbqing under the starry skies we do have a problem in summer in that the deck faces due west and being in Queensland we fry!
This means the airconditioning in the kitchen is not as efficient due to the heat hitting the glass as we have many glass French doors opening onto the deck. Also, in the middle of the day and up until about 6pm the area is virtually unusable. So, consequently I think the best compromise would be to put a half-deck so that the back of it is covered and the canti-levered section over the pool is open. I think the roof would be in the colonial style with four sides coming to a peak in the centre. The roof would be lined with vj and a very beautiful black wrought iron chandelier hung in the middle. I also think it would be wise to line the sides with the gorgeous plantation shutters so that we could sit out there in any weather and particularly when we get our fabulous summer thunderstorms!
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Marie Söderberg said...

is this your beautiful house ? I love it !

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Yes it is ours - this is the back view. We are very lucky as it dates back to about circa 1896 and is in the traditional colonial Queenslander style. If you would like I could post some views of the front. I am in the process of writing a book (it is taking a very long time!) about our home and events, interiors etc. I just have to find a publisher or self-publish perhaps. Anyway, I do have other photos which I can post for you.
Thank-you for your lovely comment.

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