Friday, March 12, 2010

RL Artwork

This is a Ralph Lauren sweater pullover that I bought for Georgiana when we were in the funny things is it never actually did fit her...I just bought it because I thought it would look beautiful in her room as a framed piece of artwork. That was two years ago and now I am finally getting to do it. Georgiana's room, as all the rooms in our home are works in progress....ever changing and evolving so I am also going to wallpaper one wall of her bathroom with the same Ralph Lauren wallpaper as her drapes ... it is called Garden Toile. I will keep you posted! Have a great week-end .... I am going to be painting a chandelier for over our dining room table and will post some pictures when it is finished. I am going to buy some lilies for the drawing room and their fragrance will waft through the house!
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