Sunday, May 2, 2010

Welcome to Versailles!

I took these photos when we were in France in 2008. Andrew is a cycling nut and he did the "follow Le Tour" .... very exciting as the Australian, Cadel Evans nearly won it or won stages of it. So Andrew and his group of friends went on a "Boy"s Own Adventure" and literally did 5 days of riding Le Tour ahead of the real tour. So whilst Andrew and his gang were pedalling furiously across rural France I ensconced myself, along with my daughter Georgiana and my neice and two nephews at the Trianon Hotel, Versailles. This gorgeous hotel is smack back on the edge of the truly remarkable, Chateau Versailles. We did 3 days here spending copious amounts of time soaking up every inch of the treasure that is Versailles. At times , when I was wandering through the gardens or gazing at Marie Antoinette's bed I would close my eyes and almost feel I was there. It is a haunting feeling .... and I have always felt that I have a connection with the past but most especially 18th century France and in particular, Marie Antoinette.
I have posted these pictures to introduce you to my Versailles.... the one I fell in love with when as a 20 year old I stood in awe in the Hall of Mirrors stunned at something so beautiful. The reflections of an era in history that changed the world forever. Marie was only 15 when she married Louis and she was a Queen at age 20! So these images I captured ......

The Entry Gates, a chandelier in the Hall of Mirrors, Gilded ceilings, panelled and gilt doors with the royal coat of arms and notice the Sun King motif from Louis the 14th. The Royal Chapel with classical columns.... and gold everywhere!

More to come later..... I have to take Georgie for a swim!
Hugs M.A. the 2nd

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A Perfect Gray said...

awesome photos. that must have been a wonderful trip...

FrenchBlue said...

I love this visit over here! I feel right at home for some reason:) So cozy and whimsical~~ Thanks for inviting me over and coming to visit me. Are your sugar cubes from Fauchon in the same pink wrappers? I am desparately searching for some. Fauchon does not sell them anymore... Let me know if you want to sell a few..

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Thank-you for visiting and also for following... that is so special! I am so glad you feel at home and you are always welcome. My sugar cubes are in the pink wrappers and I only have two! (I thought I had more). If I had more I would definitely give them to you. I am so glad to hear someone else collects things like perfectly wrapped French sugar cubes! I also have one from Lenotre but it isn't as pretty as the Fauchon ones. Have a lovely Sunday!

Kellie Collis said...

ISnt that chandelier amazing. ALl looks divine! x

BonjourRomance said...

What a fun trip you had, the gardens of Versailles are my favorite. Your photos are lovely.
Bonne semaine,

andrew1860 said...

Your photo's are beautiful! They could be postcards! Versailles is one of my favorite places!

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