Sunday, August 25, 2013

Putting on The Ritz!

I know where the heck have I been?  Incredibly busy and the days are sailing by!  However it is Sunday afternoon and I have done all my jobs and am sitting at the laptop with Andrew watching football and Georgie playing Minecraft and all is quiet!  So with glass of wine in hand I can show you "The Ritz" ~ more of our holiday and I am sorry if it is going on but I just love all the details of the interiors and the history and I want to share!

After our time in Paris we made our way to London and were met with 33 degree celius heat and the birth of the royal baby Prince George Alexander Louis (love the name not the least of which the second name is my own first borns!)  Well welcome to The Ritz!  I have never been so bowled over to coin an English phrase alluding to cricket!  Stunning! 

Everything was breathtaking and I thought I was in a wonderland.  The Ritz high tea is world renknowned and it certainly was gorgeous!

Upon entering our room I clasped my hands to my face and  with delight thought I had just walked into Marie Antoinette's rooms!  It was so lovely as when we arrived the doorman and porters were having jokes with Andrew about how much they love Australians especially when we are losing in both the cricket and the rugby!  Great fun and great banter!

The turn down service was exquisite!

Very French inspired with the pale pink walls and white contrast.  The gilding and moulding on the doors was gorgeous.....

Breakfast table!

Gorgeous foyer and wall panelling!

One day I would love to meet for high tea at The Ritz!
xxxx Frances

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Flora Fascinata said...

Dear MA
Count me in for High Tea at the Ritz! I love the decor you have shown us! And, that first outfit of yours is absolutely key for me to copy for my trip to Paris early September if it's not too warm!
Xxx Flora

The enchanted home said...

You lucky lady....puttin on the Ritz in style!! Love it and so wish I was in Paris, looks like a fabulous trip. Enjoy!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH FRANCES! I am drooling and sighing as I am scrolling down! MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! I thought the French were hospitable (and they are!) but WOW! Can they put on THE RITZ in LONDON! That photo of YOU; the light on you and with the cream background - then topped off with that large vase of purple flowers....PERFECTION. The fireplace mantle and other details of your room are just a delight.

Thank you for posting! I have missed you so. Anita

Splenderosa said...

Frances, I'm enjoying it right along with you! What a wonderful holiday you had, darling. These are the times we never forget. xx's

Castles Crowns and Cottages said... visit here again is like staying another night at the Ritz! Stunning photography my friend, and THANK YOU for coming to visit! It's always so refreshing to see you! Anita

Anonymous said...

What a lovely getaway before having to go away to teach class. Such a pretty blog, crisp and fresh.

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