Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fabrics, Cushions, Hats and High Tea!

I have just had a beautiful day .... visited a distributor for gorgeous fabrics by Boyac and organized some Louis chairs for a client as well as a beautiful Manhattan library unit from Town and Country. The fabrics are also some by Carolyn Quartermaine in the taupe Irish linen with white French script and the lavender is Manuel Canovas toile. The gorgeous cushion with the magnolia flower on the duck egg blue background is from Lily G.
Georgiana and I had High Tea together as a special treat and it was beautiful. So wonderful to sit with your 7 year old daughter and sip tea, nibble tiny sandwiches trying to decide which cupcake looked the most inviting! So special..... Georgie received a crown from her high tea and I bought a beautiful cream hat for a race day we have coming up. Have a beautiful week-end!

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Paris Pastry said...

Oh my! Surrounding yourself with all these beautiful things, I'm sure brightens your day!

Unknown said...

Oh, lovely images! Oh, this is my favorite post today, love the hat and the tiara! I always had imaginary tea when I was little, Georgie is so lucky she has a mother that will take her to tea! (Not that I was neglected or anything, just not a lot of places in 1970s Georgia to have high tea!)

Anonymous said...

Oh Franny - The blue fabrics are amazing, and the cushions and the hat - I got your "crazy" message last night - everything is just beautiful! I'm so jealous of the high tea - I went to Kerrie Craig on Saturday last week and they were closed! Enjoy the rest of your time off. xxx

Hamptontoes said...

That hat is amazing! I love, love, love hats (they probably come in second after shoes)...oh, how you'll feel like a million bucks wearing that stunning chapeau!

Silvia C said...

Hi Frances,
Thanks for following my blog. I'm glad this lead me to yours, which is full of elegance and wonderful inspiration. I'll be back often. Take care.

Daisy Reyes said...

Your Majesty,

I just love this post!!!! simply magnificent! I love the pillow on the bed:__ the hat, i love it all:)) well done!

Royal wishes, Daisy

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